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Looking to build & develop your team?


We'd love to help you become a super attractor for the best talent.


We'll source the best talent for your team, and support with ongoing personal development to help your people and business thrive.

As experts in recruitment and understanding people's strengths and motivations, we can work with you to attract and hire the talent to help realise your company's ambition.

Following on from sourcing your best hires we support success and retention with 1:1 coaching, facilitating group coaching, and delivering workshops to develop your in-house coaching skills and embed a coaching culture. These offer people techniques and tools to help each other thrive in an ever changing environment.

Empower your team to give their best and fulfil their potential with access to personal coaching, helping individuals to discover their best way forward, overcome challenges and build resilience.


Choose to work with individual services as you need them, or combine our services as a "Super Attractor" package designed to be flexible for your team's changing needs. Choose from the services below, or book a call to find out more.

Employer huddle

The Super Attractor Package
+ Workshops + Coaching

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Marketing, Communications & Brand Licensing specialists

We specialise in building award-winning marketing and comms teams for brands large and small. Matching talented folks to brand missions they connect with, so they bring real motivation and drive to the journey you're on together... and position your products / services brilliantly for your audiences.

Working at all levels from entry to board level hires across the following disciplines:

Marketing > Brand > Content > Loyalty & CRM

Communications > Corporate Comms > Internal Comms > Corporate PR > Consumer PR > Internal Comms > CSR & Sustainability > Content > Social Media > Brand Licensing > Product Development > Brand Management.

1:1 work life coaching

Work life & performance coaching

Empower your team to give their best and fulfil their potential with access to flexible personal coaching, helping individuals to discover their best way forward, overcome challenges and build resilience.

A powerful support through change and growth, give your team a confidential space to reflect on their situation and find solutions they're energised by.

Buy a bundle of sessions for your team to use when they choose to, or build a number of sessions into your monthly retained package.

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1:1 coaching

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Workshops for team development

Choose from our workshops designed to help develop team communication, strengthen understanding of yourselves and each other, and to establish a coaching culture:

  • CULTURE HUDDLE: Develop your inclusive coaching culture.

  • COMMUNICATION HUDDLE: Learn advanced communication skills.

  • MISSION + IMPACT HUDDLE: Align personal motivations with the team mission.

  • STRENGTHS HUDDLE: Identify and understand individual + team super powers.

Sharing knowledge and idea generation

Bring together people from across your organisation or within your team, to focus on a particular area of development or to solve a problem.

We will facilitate the group to share their expertise and generate new solutions, and enable people to work in small groups to develop their own coaching skills whilst pushing each others' thinking forwards.

Great for activating the talent across your organisation to focus on something that needs improving, or an opportunity that needs to be explored.

Photo of group coaching

Group coaching

Photo of sunny woodland path used for outdoor coaching

Outdoor coaching

Leave the desk behind to find fresh perspective

Your team will have the option to take their coaching session outdoors. This brings additional wellbeing benefits and can be great for more relaxed idea generation. Works particularly well for regular coaching sessions and group coaching.

Options for outdoor coaching include:

  • In person coaching at a park or nature spot in Hertfordshire / Essex.

  • Coaching over the phone, with the coach and the coachee taking separate walks in a familiar nature spot local to them.

  • Online coaching sitting outside in a space where you feel comfortable having a confidential conversation.

Reduce dissatisfaction and supercharge your team's focus for the year ahead

Enable each member of your team to work through a session with an external coach ahead of their annual review, to ask incisive questions and get clear on what has made them thrive, what has been difficult, and to think more broadly/specifically about what could be personally motivating and challenging to keep them energised at work for the year ahead. So it's not just about the next promotion, but if that's not immediately available how else they can be developing in their work.

A confidential conversation is ideal for dealing with any ambitions, frustrations or limitations and working out potential solutions to be discussed with managers. This can broaden development opportunities alongside ambitions for promotion.

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Annual career healthcheck

'We've been working with Rachel & Huddle for the past seven years.  The service is unique because it allows us to be super efficient with finding the right talent to fit our culture but the real gem is the group and individual coaching.  Business coaching with Huddle has been a vital part of our success, allowing our team to have 121, confidential support has enabled all of us to achieve our goals quicker.'

Will Stewart

Founder & CEO, The Point.1888

How does the Super Attractor package work for your organisation?

We can build a package from the above services that works best for your current needs and budget. Book a free consultation call to find out more, there's no obligation and if you like what you hear we'll send a proposal for you to consider.

Simply need to hire?

If you'd like to brief us on an exciting opportunity to join your team, we can work with you simply as your recruitment partner. We'll be delighted to work with you to find a brilliant new addition.

Contact us to find out more about our recruitment service.

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