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Clarify what YOU want to work towards
IGNITE your spark at work
RESHAPE your career to suit changes in circumstances
Build CONFIDENCE in your strengths
Work out how to REPURPOSE your transferable skills
Define DIRECTION for your career
Prepare yourself for a STEP UP
Build and ENGAGE with a relevant network

Ready to feel FIRED UP about your work?


Turn your talents and unique life experience towards something that feels good and makes a positive impact. Think boldly about what your work life could be, and be honest about what might get in your way (so you can move beyond it).


Our aim is to help you find your own direction, and explore possible ways to move towards a work life that connects with your inner drive.
Making a change in your life can be complex, working with a coach helps you cut through the noise to make decisions and take action. We support with changes to your work life that could be a shift of mindset within your current role through to a career change.
Career coaching helps you find fresh perspective, challenge your thinking and find a way forwards that makes your work, well, WORK for you
Book a FREE consultation call to share what you’re looking for support with, and we can answer any questions you have about working with us.
1:1 career coaching

Career Coaching

Coaching can support you with:

Our coaching is person-centred which means we can support you through any work-life situation you are dealing with.


This could include, but isn't limited to:

  • Looking to move jobs after a long stint with one employer, you want to make sure the move is right for you.

  • Love your work but the culture/industry is draining your SOUL! Work out what you need to restore your positivity.

  • Going for a promotion and need to work on articulating your strengths and building your confidence ahead of interviews.

  • Feeling like you've landed on that work plateau and can't see where the challenge / growth opportunities are.

You'll define what you want to work towards with your coach, and develop solutions and strategies to make progress happen. You can book individual sessions or a bundle of sessions depending on the outcome you're looking for.

Career Huddle

Why choose our Career Huddle?

When you're thinking about making a change to the kind of work you do, and you're not yet sure which direction to move in - this process will give you the confidence in what you want to work towards, and ignite your motivation to take action. 

There are 3 stages of our Career Huddle programme:

1: Self reflection > recognise your talents & motivations

2: Future directions > brainstorm & create your work plan

3: Attract the right opportunities > CV & LinkedIn clinic

We'll help you build on your ideas with clarity and confidence to make change happen, and support working through your transition. 

Contact us for full details.

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Career Huddle

Discover your best way forward

Book a session directly below:

  • Available online

    An hour of confidential coaching focused on your specific needs.

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    1 hr

    100 British pounds
  • Available online

    Three stages to making positive change happen

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    1 hr

  • Available online

    Take your coaching conversation outdoors.

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    1 hr

    100 British pounds
“I felt an instant connection with Rachel, I knew I was going to be comfortable sharing personal reflections with her. In our introductory session I found her really caring and an active listener.
She’s obviously talented and an expert in what she does but I have enjoyed many other aspects of it: her ability to ask the right questions at the right moment, to guide my thinking/reflecting processes, Rachel is extremely good at summarising “complex” into simple and digestible. She makes me feel comfortable doing ‘uncomfortable’ work and I think that’s probably the most amazing thing about working with her.” 

Simone, Head of Digital

  • Available Online

    Book your free 30 minute call to discuss your situation and find out m...

    30 min

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the future forest company

We're partnering with the Future Forest Company to help restore biodiversity and fight climate change. A tree will be planted by our partners for every coaching client who chooses to work with us.

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