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Career Huddle

Three stages to making positive change happen

Service Description

Our Career Huddle programme is designed to help when you need change to happen, but you're not clear yet what it is you want to do. There are 3 stages to work through: 1: Self reflection > recognise your talents and motivations 2: Future directions > explore and create your work plan 3: Attract the right opportunities > make it happen 1: Self reflection > recognise your talents and motivations To make the best decisions about your future work journey, you’ll need to become clear on a few key aspects of you as an individual. You’ll work through several thinking assignments and psychometric assessments to refine key personal insights. These will inform how you move forwards and help articulate your strengths and values. • Career assessment: reflect on your work journey and define the value of your experience. • Get clear on what you need to avoid in your future roles and environments. • Identify what your future roles need to include. • Define personal values, interests and preferences. • Clarify and articulate your natural strengths and talents. • Understand your personal motivations, including work- life balance and wider lifestyle considerations • Identify what fulfilling and meaningful work means for you, set your personal definition of success. You’ll receive a workbook of reflective exercises to complete in your own time, and three 1:1 coaching sessions to clarify your insights. By the end of this process you will have clarity on what you need to find work fulfilling, and the unique strengths you can build on as you progress through your career. This will give you confidence in your search for any immediate work decisions, and a guide for your future choices. Please contact us for more details of the 3 stage process and we'll be happy to send you the full programme outline.

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