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Future Directions

Service Description

This part of the process is about connecting your skills and talents with a purpose, cause or passion that really energises you. It’s also super useful for building your personal brand and network, as you work out what conversations and movements you’d like to get more involved with professionally. Together, we’ll generate ideas for your future work path, what your options could be, and pull together a plan for you to action. • Brainstorm, research, and discover potential directions. • Identify the purposes that you’re passionate about. • Get creative with visioning exercises ‘if relevant’ to gain clarity on your direction, then set goals. • Learn to maximise and strategically develop your network in ways that are right for your career. You'll receive a workbook to complete in your own time, and can book your chosen number of individual coaching sessions to explore your thinking and research with your coach.

Contact Details

Co-Space Stevenage, Town Square, Stevenage, UK

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